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 G A R Y 

Did anyone else have a terrible framerate?

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Really cool game! But how is this related to intentional bugs?

Hi! Thanks! Well i was a little bit of topic, i planned to make a cutscene at the beginning but i run out of time for the jam. The topic was open for interpretation so i thought about it story wise, that's why i used the character of the upcoming game of Jonas (the host of the jam). The game and character of Jonas is a snail in a 2d world and the paradox was supposed to be that a bug in the code made the dreams of the snake in 3d, that's why it's a nightmare. xD kind of stupid but that's what i came with ^^

Ohh! Cool idea!

How do you jump in co-op?

second player moves with Arrow keys and jumps with the right or left mouse buttons. ^^


This game is awesome! Keep up the great work.

Thanks a lot for playing! <3 really appreciated!! :D


I could finally managed to run it on my LINUX, I had to run the game using therminal only for once and then It worked! Your game is what I consider winner (I play this 100 times per day from now)


this is so cool, loved the visuals and the gameplay, really awesome :D


I love it! Enjoyed exploring and finding different things.

Oh, it's will you snail, but 3D! xD (Just looked at it, gonna try out soon)

Nice!! Nice!! :D

Really cool! 

Very good :)