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this is our new peak, but our friend sacrificed himself so that we could become higher


Such a cool game! Thanks for the masterpiece of art!


@AmbientMelanch i think i did it!


This game was so awesome!


@EditDotEXE made it.


Legend <3 Thank you for playing!


Good to see this page back! Moen was definitely a highlight for me and my friends earlier in the year and we've been itching to introduce it to a few more people.

I noticed there's a Steam page now (immediate wishlist!). Don't know what plans you have for the Steam release but looking forward to it whatever you do!


hiii! :D Yes! I partnered with a publisher and we are gonna release a steam version hopefully later this year. But we are gonna open the servers next week for a playtest, so come join on discord so I can send you steam keys for you and your friends to try it out! The steam version is quite an upgrade compared to this one ^^ So many things have been added, I can't wait for you to try them out! :D


@winno @qaqard1y @perkelesaatana

this is how we thought the top but did not know what awaits us ahead...

this is our new peak, but our friend sacrificed himself so that we could become higher

this is already our third peak and we decided to change the hair color to the color of the clouds

we found a statue and a flower and it seems that the true peak awaits us

and here we are upstairs even closer to the sun, a wonderful game, we are looking forward to something new, thanks

Thaaat was Insane!!! I didn't believe anyone would ever go past this point. You are legends! I will remember those names, when I release my next game if it's on steam you won free steam keys for sure. You have my word! Thank you so much!!!

Hey, how do you get higher then this part?

Hi! First of all you are not supposed to go higher than this place since this is the place where this version ends, after that there are only placeholders as I was testing the next area.

But some people where able to go there by exploiting a little mechanic where if you time your jump with a friend of yours being close together, you can jump on each other and reach as high as you can. You have to be next to each other and jump at the same time.

Thank you for the reply, is there any way I could you join your discord?

Of course! ^^ here you go!


@violetispoggers, @Breadstick091 and @TheToasted_ were here!!!

such a good game btw, i really loved it and me and my friends gave some places little names

You guys are awesome!!! :D So glad you enjoyed it! Now I want to hear the names to see If i'll understand the areas! hahaha! Thank you for playing!

Very cute game to play with your friends \o/


Really cool, chill game that's fun to play with a bunch of friends. The controls are really nice and make it really easy to play

Thank you!!! :D glad you had fun with your friends ^^


@henryhair @iLBono and @katablink have been here :)

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wow!!! those names will be carved into a stone up there!!! You did it again ^^


suuuuuper ;)


OMG! That's one of the cutest things in my gaming experience :3 Thank you for spreading happiness! love from ITALY


One of the best games I've played on itch! I had so much fun watching my gf play and later joining her. The controls are soooo awesome! reminds me so much of Mario64, just kinda smoother. The style reminds me of Journey mixed with Little Big Planet. And its all mixed in a Get over It fashion of climbing a raging mountain. 

I also do not get the crystals. There is a red crystal on the bottom left side of the island and a orange round crystal on the bottom right. There is also a cave system on the 2nd floor of the mountain with 2 statues. Am I semelling some tasty LORE!!!!???

I will definitely follow this project. Can't wait for more content!


hahaha! Thank you so much! I am glad you and your gf enjoyed it <3 your description fits this game perfectly! I described this game as a mario64 and getting over it mix!!!

I love that you noticed those details!!! there are many more subtle details that no one has ever discovered and they never will! hehe. Those two you found out used to be children like us, the players, but seems like something bad happened to them ^^ I've written some lore on how everything came to be, why time stands still and why the inhabitants of this island are only children.. Let's say that it can be quite depressing so i'll leave it to that ^^ I don't want to spoonfeed anyone the lore, It's up for interprentation.

Again! Thank you so much for taking the time to play this game and write this comment! It made my day a little bit better <3


Aww I'm glad!

Please keep up the fantastic work!!

And I'll find my lore don't you worry he he


Hi! I'm the girlfriend. :D

We are playing Moen today with another friend and we found some more Secrets.

Here a nice feature, which is not exactly a spoiler:

With "L2 + left on the control pad" you can change your hair colour. Right now there are 9 different colours.

- - - - -  S P O I L E R S   A H E A D - - - - - - 

At first we found the Secret Passage to the "Ball Room" and threw everything outside. (You can access the room near the soccer field when playing with two or more players. You have to crouch to go inside. With two players you need the air bug that I explain next in this comment.)

You can "fly" / bug yourself in the air, when opening the emote menu (with right on the control pad) without choosing an emote. Then jump and while in the air choose an emote (press right again).

On the left of your spawn point you can find a place to play basketball and a pink crytal.

On the right from your spawn you can find a (let's call it) "golden coconut". It makes some sound when being kicked. Further to the right through the water you can find a tunnel / short cut.

What Bacon mentioned above is a pretty huge cave that you can access through climbing from the left side of the island or at a point somewhere in the middle of the course where you have to make your first crouch jump from one stone to another. Through the short cut fom the right side of the island (through the water) you end up exactly at that point. Inside the cave there are two stone figures.

Some of these were things we already knew yesterday, but I wanted to sum them up somewhere so others can find them too.

Well. I hope that might be helpful to someone here, but I hope you could find these secrets by yourself or at least read these spoilers after accessing the highest point. 

The game itself is awesome and I (/we) enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work!


and don't forget about the ability to become a ball like sonic or samus!! Stand still, crouch down, jump, and when landing on you butt move forward and press jump. Keep pressing jump to ball around!!


Youuu both discooovered so many things!!! ^^ I love this!!! If you ever want and u are done with the game, you can come on discord so we can play together and show you all the easter eggs and tricks <3


I played while streaming and played with a few friends!

As we progressed, we tried different control methods and learned them naturally, and it was very nice to see how the controls became more sophisticated.

And the scenery was the best part...

The difficulty level was not so bad in the beginning, but as I climbed higher and higher, it became more and more difficult, and before I knew it, I had overtaken my online friends who were playing together and challenged myself to make a huge jump from cliff to cliff on a very high plateau by myself.

After many failed attempts, the joy I felt when I finally succeeded and the view I saw at that moment was indescribable!

Very nice work !!!!

Also, I was playing with someone from another country, but he didn't show up online (maybe the servers are split by country?). It was like we were playing together as well, and it was fun.

Hiii! Watching the stream was a such a pleasure!! Yeah the difficulty got pretty rough! I am sorry for your suffering! but as you said, when you overcame the obstacle I am glad you felt this way! 

One of the main mechanics I never explained and that's my fault, is that you could grab each other! if you holded the pickup button "E" or "RB" while standing on a platform, if the other person failed to reach it, you could grab him and save him! If I explained that better you could probably go on top  together!!!

Yeah sadly the servers are region based! But I am glad you had fun even if you played on different servers!

Thank you so much for playing the game and not giving up! Your kindness and enthusiasm gives me courage to make more games!


Thank you so much for getting the server up and running!

Thanks to you, I've been able to play with Ambient Melancholy and other players from other countries, and we've had the greatest fun in a truly unforgettable adventure!

I can say here that Moen, even at this stage of version 2.1, is already of a very high quality, and the scenery that changes as you progress is rewarding in proportion to the effort required to reach new heights.

Of course, it is fun to play with friends because of the multiplayer component, but even if you play alone, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer joy of Moen.

It's truly a one-of-a-kind experience, and one of the best!

Thank you so much!!! Making games can be frustrating and sometimes through the process you doubt if the game is any good, but at the end of the day when I get this feeling, I will look at those moments and take courage!  Now I can't wait to create more games so we can share beautiful moments like this again! Thank you and your friends who joined! I will never forget your kindness!!!


this game was nice, I managed to fly so 10/10 would play again


AHHHHH I was climbing and I failed on the big arc jump!


Just played this game with one of my friends, its really great! one of my favorite movement systems and i feel like you really succeeded with what you were going for. I hope to see more in the future!

Thank you! I am really glad you enjoyed it! <3


This is really cool. I love all the mechanics, the sliding feels awesome, the spin jump is fun, the sounds are cute, the water+sky shaders look sick, I just wish more people were online so I could interact :) I hope you continue this game!!!


Thank you so much for your kind words <3 I wish I was online when you played.. damn! hehe. I am glad that you liked the movement! I am probably not gonna continue this game, It's been some months since I moved on from this project ( for some reason I release my games some months/years after I am done with them), but I kept the character movement and all the good stuff for the current one. So I take your words to heart and I will keep trying <3


awesome game you must download and play it asap!