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this game is so sooo cute, the music is great, I like hat it can be both multi-player and single player. I wish I had people to play it with!! No one seems to be in the rooms!!


Does anyone play this game anymore I wish they did



Jeu simple et mignon, j'aime beaucoup !

Hi! Really cool game!

I also added you on Discord to discuss. We built a platform dedicated to local multiplayer games and it would be a pleasure to discuss about that with you!

Hi, I hope you're doing well! 

I work on a product to make therapy for children and youth more engaging by integrating games and other fun activities. Would you have some time to chat about a partnership/integration?

Hi! Sure, add me on discord Cosmos#0856 so we can chat about it

I've added you on discord - chat soon!

Hello, I wanted to reach out on discord but Cosmos#0856 gives a message that you aren't receiving invites! Psyaryu is my discord username so no numbers needed.

I found that my controller didn’t work on the menus but worked for counting in game, and after the game was over it hung on a black screen and seemed to have crashed my whole device, so I had to hard reset it.

Muy lindo la verdad, tiene su dificultad que lo hace mas divertido, y aunque esta bien para jugar con amigos tambien se puede a solas y sigue siendo igual de entretenido!

Does this game have local co-op?


Sadly not, only one person can play per device and you require an internet connection to play the game so you can't in a classical sense :/

A little work around. If internet is not a problem and your friends have their phones, a little none conventional co-op that can happen, is if they download the game on their phone and use it as a controller while you all watch the same monitor. Which of course is not local co-op in a technical sense but it's a way i've done it with friends which gives a fake sense of local co-op. hehe. 

sorry for that <3

Thanks for the tip! i'm going to play this game with my friends this week :D 

Those sea monster things at lvl 10 make it so hard lol! Had fun :-)

This game looks so cute yet so challenging! And its even have a coop online multiplayer! (but i would like to see there a non-cooperative gamemode as well to battle my friends >:))
Liked it very much :) 


Thank you so much for liking my little game ^^ <3  Sadly I haven't touched this project for half a year since I am working on another game so it's gonna be really hard to make a new build right now :( Funnily enough the game was also designed for non-cooperative play in mind, since the score of each one is for his own performance and if someone is out, counting doesn't give him any points, It just gives him a chance to revive and not be bored while others play. So even if he revives the one who got the most correct answers would still be higher on the leaderboards at the end of the game ^^ That's how I competed with my friends! hehe! Sorry, that's just a cheap solution, not a real battle mode, but you can have that in mind and compare your scores next time you play with your friends <3  and thank you again for your suggestion! If I revisit this game I will add an official battle mode for sure :D

This game is adorable and fun with a sweet soundtrack.  I love it.  Thanks for putting this game together.

Oh please! Thank you so much for playing ^^ This is what makes putting this game together worth it!


A great game that shows the power of a simple concept that is accessible to players of all types with creative visuals to boot.

Oh! This is heartwarming! Thank you so much!


Hey, my friends and I play this game nearly every Friday together. It is an absolute treat. Thank you for putting such panache on such a simple concept to make such an enjoyable experience.

Hi! I am humbled by your comment. It gives me strength to keep on working ^^ I will do my best for the project I am working right now, to make it an enjoyable experience for you and your friends! ^^ Thank you so much!

do a linux version pls :( </3 love the game

Thank you so much ^^ When I find time I'll make a linux build for u <3

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Thanks <3


Thank you for playing ^^ Much love <3

Awesome work as always from a promising developer <3

Game is fun, smooth, perfectly fulfilling its scope.


what is this song from? Its so friggin nostalgic! That start especially. I know it for sure. I was actually humming it the other day. Is it from "Hidden My Game By Mom" or "Hide and Dance?" Those are what came to mind first.

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At first I don't understand how this is a cooperative game until I joined a 5 player room, at like 14/15th Round only 1 player is alive: I really hope someone counts it right so we may play few more rounds!

(Got 654 points on the first try :p


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I luv this game hope there will be new updates anyways here's my gameplay about it
(i got 486 on the first try yeyyy!)

Thank you for playing <3

This was so much fun! I got 285 (alone) on my first try!

Awesome! Thank you much! :D

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Thank you for playing!

The game was extremely fun to play! Hoping for more content:D



Very fun game. Great visuals!